Aggregated Basketball Shoe Reviews

The goal of this page is to help you find your perfect basketball shoes!
It aggregates the reviews of the most popular and well-respected shoe reviewers on the web to create average ratings for each performance basketball shoe. This gives you a list of shoes that you can easily sort and filter to your liking. You can also take a simple quiz that will help you find the perfect shoes.
The page is still in beta phase and more shoes will be added daily. Feedback would be highly appreciated and can be sent to

How does it work?

An example: You are a small guard with narrow feet who does a lot of shifty crossovers?
In this case you need a lot of traction to support your quick moves, on the other hand, the cushioning of the shoe is not quite as important. You can filter the list to exclude wide shoes and show only sneakers that have great traction (>8.5) and also perform well across categories like materials, support and fit (>7.5).
You now end up with a shorter list of shoes that makes sense for your personal preferences!

Prices are pulled daily from . This makes it possible to filter shoes by current prices and find discounts for well-performing older shoes. You can support this project by clicking on one of the links and buying from, this way we get a small comission for the referall of a customer. Thanks!
Explanation of Ratings:
Below Average