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Jordan Kilganon Dunk in Jeans

Jordan Kilganon – The Man who Dunked in Jeans

How does a 6’1″ tall Canadian get a 50-inch vertical, perform during the NBA All Star Game and become a professional dunker?

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Jump Manual Review – Does Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual Work?

Being able to dunk is the ultimate bragging right for every basketball player! It makes you more dangerous at attacking the rim, enables monster blocks, and allows you to get rebounds you should have no business pursuing…​So it’s no wonder that there are dozens of vertical jump training programs out there, all promising you incredible […]

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How to jump higher

How to Jump Higher? Free 10-Week Vertical Jump Training Program

Learn everything about vertical jump training and increase your vertical with a free 10-week plyometric program.

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Win Free Vert Shock

Vert Shock Contest: I am giving away one copy!

Enter the competition and win a FREE copy of Vert Shock. Increase your vertical jump by up to 9-15 inches!

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Vert Shock vs Jump Manual

Best Vertical Jump Training Program: Vert Shock vs Jump Manual

When I decided to seriously work on my vertical jump, the first question that popped into my mind was: Which vertical jump training program am I going to do? What is going to deliver the best results for me? In this article, I want to explain why I chose Vert Shock and help you to find out which program is perfect for YOU!

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Things I learned since I can dunk

Five Reasons Why You Need To Improve Your Vertical (#4 will surprise you!)

A while ago I did Vert Shock and finally learned to dunk.
And guess what! Time flies when you are having fun, because I am turning 30 this week and the good news is: I can still dunk easily!
Today I want to take the opportunity and tell you about the things I have learned after being able to dunk for almost four months now:

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Vert Shock review

My Vert Shock Review after 8 weeks – Does it really work?

To once and for all settle the question “Does Vert Shock work?” I am going to follow the program for the next 8 weeks and track whether I can increase my vertical jump as advertised. This Vert Shock review will find out if it is worth your money or if you should better avoid it!

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8 weeks

Vert Shock: Before and after 8 weeks of training

I have done it! 8 weeks of Vert Shock are behind me. I have made a first video of myself dunking on a basket in the gym we have played league games before. So it’s official: I can dunk on a regular 10ft rim! My teammates couldn’t believe their eyes!

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Week 6

Vert Shock results after 6 weeks of training

There’s only two more weeks of Vert Shock ahead of me! But unfortunately after 6 weeks of Vert Shock I have hit a plateau and actually have regressed a little bit compared to week 5. My plan is to rest for a few days and then start the final push towards a 40 inch vertical!

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How to dunk

How to dunk in 4 weeks: My training progress

After only 4 weeks of Vert Shock I was able to throw down my first dunk! I am really surprised that I was able to dunk that soon and I am really excited about the potential further improvement in the second half of the Vert Shock training program!

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