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Best Basketball Knee Pads, Sleeves or Braces

Watch any NBA game these days and take a look at the legs: you will see barely any naked knees! Everybody is wearing something: sleeves, braces, pads, pants… In a league were players endure 82 games in a span of only 5 months, it is important to reduce wear and tear on your joints as much […]

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Best Basketball Backpacks – The Top 5

Find the perfect Basketball Backpack. This article presents the most popular basketball backpacks and tells you what you need to look for.

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Best Portable Basketball Hoop for Every Budget

Portable basketball hoops vary widely in quality and price. This article helps you to pick the right one for your budget and situation!

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The Best Compression Pants for Basketball Players

Tune into any NBA game these days and it feels like everybody is wearing compression pants. They come in black or white, long or short and some even feature heavy padding. But from Dwyane Wade to Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, almost everybody is rocking them! But should you follow that trend?

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The Best Basketball Socks – A Definitive Guide

Find out what makes the perfect high-performance basketball socks. Improve the fit of your shoes, avoid foot fatigue and avoid blisters with this guide.

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The Best Indoor Basketball in 2017

Find the best indoor basketball for your budget and style of play. Composite- and genuine leather balls from Molten, Spalding, Wilson and others reviewed!

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Week 6

The Top 6 Best Outdoor Basketballs

Find the best outdoor basketball for any surface and budget. I review basketballs ranging from cheaper rubber to higher-quality synthetic leather balls.

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Best ankle braces

The Top 5 Best Ankle Braces for Basketball Players

Find the best ankle brace for your needs, ranging from cheap ankle sleeves to high-performance ankle braces like like the Zamst A2-DX, which is worn by 2x NBA MVP Steph Curry.

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The Best Basketball Books: My Personal Top Five

I have read a lot of books about basketball and in this post I will share my personal Top Five including some lesser known books you may never heard of!

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