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The 5 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

Boost cushioning and signature athletes like James Harden or Dame Lillard make Adidas the hottest brand right now! Check out this list of the Top 5 Adidas Basketball Shoes.

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The Top 10 Best Nike Basketball Shoes

Find the best performance basketball shoes by Nike. Check out where signature shoes from Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Paul George as well as popular team models like the Hyperdunk rank.

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Best 10 Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Find the top 10 basketball shoes for ankle support. These shoes provide additional stability and help to prevent ankle sprains and worse ankle injuries.

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The Top 10 Basketball Shoes with the Best Cushion

Find the basketball shoe with the most comfortable cushioning and the best impact protection. Learn about popular cushioning technology like Nike Zoom or Adidas Boost.

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The Top 10 Basketball Shoes with the Best Traction

Finding the basketball shoe with the best traction is not an easy task. There are so many different models to pick from and shoes often perform differently depending on the quality of the court, your playing style and even the rubber compound used on a specific colorway. Fortunately, the web is full of shoe reviewers […]

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The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Big Men

Find the best basketball shoes for big men and centers. Learn what kind of shoes are perfect for bigger and heavier players.

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Basketball Shoes Wide Feet

The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding basketball shoes that fit your wide feet can be a real pain. Most performance sneakers are cut slightly narrow to ensure a tight fit for athletes with regularly wide feet. If you are a wide-footer, this can be really annoying as an average pair of shoes will probably fit very uncomfortably and you will […]

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Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

If you are a quick guard and you like to beat your opponent off the dribble with deadly crossovers and smooth pull-up jumpers you need shoes that can keep up with your style of play. But what does the perfect guard shoe look like? It features great traction that will grip the floor and allow […]

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The 5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes – Durability and Performance

If you play a lot of outdoor basketball you are probably familiar with this problem: Most basketball shoes are designed for indoor use and won’t last very long on rugged outdoor courts. So, unless you want to buy a new pair every month, it is important to find shoes that can take the beating of […]

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Best basketball shoes

The 10 Best Basketball Shoes – Top 10 Expert Picks

A regularly updated list of the best-performing basketball shoes. Find the best sneakers that fit your playing style and budget.

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