Basketball Dribbling Drills: How to Improve Your Dribble

Dribbling is one of the fundamental skills of basketball. Learn how to improve your dribbling skills with drills ranging from beginner to beast-mode.

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shooting sleeves basketball

Best Arm Sleeves for Basketball – Top 5 Shooting Sleeves

If you tune into any NBA game chances are you will see many players wearing elbow sleeves. Are these compression sleeves for your arms helpful at all or are they just a clever marketing scheme? I’ve dug a little deeper.

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Jordan Kilganon Dunk in Jeans

Jordan Kilganon – The Man who Dunked in Jeans

How does a 6’1″ tall Canadian get a 50-inch vertical, perform during the NBA All Star Game and become a professional dunker?

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The 7 Best Basketball Hoops for Kids and Toddlers

Want your kid to be the next Lebron James? Start early and get all the info you need to find the best basketball hoop for your kid!

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The Best Mouth Guards for Basketball – How to Protect Your Teeth!

Need a mouth guard that protects your teeth from collisions and flying elbows? Discover the best mouth guards for basketball in this in-depth guide.

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Jump Manual Review – Does Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual Work?

Being able to dunk is the ultimate bragging right for every basketball player! It makes you more dangerous at attacking the rim, enables monster blocks, and allows you to get rebounds you should have no business pursuing…​So it’s no wonder that there are dozens of vertical jump training programs out there, all promising you incredible […]

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Basketball Gift ideas

Best Gifts for Basketball Players – 15 Great Basketball Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift? Get inspired with these basketball gift ideas and find the perfect present for the basketball player in your life!

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Physics of the Vertical Jump

The Physics of the Vertical Jump

We take a look at a force plate analysis of a vertical jump and explain the five phases of a vertical with charts and interactive calculators.

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Measure your Vertical Jump with your iPhone – Whatsmyvertical iOS App

Learn how to measure your vertical jump height using video analysis with the WhatsMyVert iOS Mobile App.

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How to jump higher

How to Jump Higher? Free 10-Week Vertical Jump Training Program

Learn everything about vertical jump training and increase your vertical with a free 10-week plyometric program.

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