Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

The 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

If you are a quick guard and you like to beat your opponent off the dribble with deadly crossovers and smooth pull-up jumpers you need shoes that can keep up with your style of play.

But what does the perfect guard shoe look like?

  • It features great traction that will grip the floor and allow you to change directions very quickly
  • The cushioning is responsive and doesn’t lag
  • It is a low- (or mid-cut) shoe that doesn’t unneccessarily restrict your range of motion

So how do you find a shoe that fulfils these three criteria?

Easy! You check all shoe releases of the last year, pick all low- or mid-tops, read all the reviews and choose the one with amazing traction and responsive cushioning!

Sounds like a lot of work? Luckily I did it for you! I have checked out the 56 most popular basketball shoe releases since the end of 2016, read (or watched) all 336 reviews I could find and summed up the expert findings here.

The following list shows all low- or mid-tops (as of Aug 15, 2018) that received great scores for their traction and feature responsive cushioning:

Overall Rating: 9.0 (4 reviews)
  • Traction works even on dusty courts
  • Great lockdown and stability
  • Deals from $79.23
Overall Rating: 8.8 (3 reviews)
  • Additional strap provides more support
  • Great price
  • Deals from $101.49
Overall Rating: 8.8 (6 reviews)
  • Great Traction
  • Very responsive shoe
  • Deals from $118.48
Overall Rating: 8.8 (3 reviews)
  • Traction works well on dusty courts
  • Affordable price
  • Deals from $77.97
Overall Rating: 8.7 (5 reviews)
  • Improved Materials
  • Very light
  • Deals from $84.48
Overall Rating: 8.6 (6 reviews)
  • Bounce Cushioning works well
  • Fair price
  • Deals from $75.98
Overall Rating: 8.6 (10 reviews)
  • Great price
  • Improved cushioning
  • Deals from $75.47
Overall Rating: 8.6 (10 reviews)
  • Amazing traction
  • Nice materials
  • Deals from $118.48
Overall Rating: 8.5 (9 reviews)
  • Very good traction
  • Well-balanced cushioning
  • Deals from $87.97
Overall Rating: 8.4 (5 reviews)
  • Adjustable Ankle Support
  • Very supportive
  • Deals from $49.23

The Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Let’s take a closer look at these shoes:

1. Jordan CP3 XI

Average Expert Rating: 9.0 (see all reviews)
Chris Paul's 11th signature sneaker is very well-liked by sneaker reviewers. The traction has amazing bite and works well even on dusty courts. The low-to-the-ground cushioning setup provides a nice combination of impact protection and responsiveness. The forefoot strap helps to lock down your feet tightly, and the lacing system makes sure that there is zero heel slippage. Materials aren't premium but they do their job (even though ventilation could be better).
Overall, the CP3.XI is a great all-around performer that should work well for positions 1-5 and comes at a very affordable price!
See all 18 Deals

2. Nike PG 2.5

Average Expert Rating: 8.8 (see all reviews)
The Nike PG2.5 is almost identical to the PG2 but comes with an additional forefoot strap we know from the PG1. This addition improves the fit and support a little bit as it gives you the ability to customize the forefoot to work with your feet. Other than that, materials, cushioning and traction remained unchanged and provide the same great performance that the previous model did! At only $110 retail, you can't go wrong with these!
See all 22 Deals

3. Nike Kobe AD NXT

Average Expert Rating: 8.8 (see all reviews)
The Kobe AD NXT is a big upgrade over the disappointing Kobe AD. The biggest change is the completely new lacing system. Critics are split on whether it works or not. Some love it, some hate it. Overall, the Kobe AD NXT is a very good overall performer for quick guards. The only downside is the very expensive retail price of $200.
See all 9 Deals

4. Jordan Fly Lockdown

Average Expert Rating: 8.8 (see all reviews)
The Jordan Fly Lockdown is one of the pleasant surprises of 2018. At a list price of only $110, it's a very affordable shoe that provides top-notch performance. The herringbone traction picks up very little dust and works exceptionally well in all directions. The mix of Phylon and Zoom cushioning feels low and quick without sacrificing impact protection. The budget materials don't look great but work very well and provide very good lockdown. Overall, if you are looking for a good performance basketball shoe at a fair price, then you can't go wrong with Jordan Fly Lockdown!
See all 8 Deals

5. Under Armour Curry 4 Low

Average Expert Rating: 8.7 (see all reviews)
The sole of the Curry 4 Low remains unchanged from the High version. That's a good thing when it comes to the great multi-directional traction pattern, but most experts would have loved an upgrade to the cheap and minimal EVA cushioning setup. The cheap synthetic upper materials of the High version are largely replaced by more premium and comfortable textile knit. Overall, the Curry 4 Low is a slight improvement over the high-top and the perfect shoe for quick guards who are looking for a light, responsive, and minimal low-top.
See all 4 Deals

6. Adidas Dame 3

Average Expert Rating: 8.6 (see all reviews)
The Adidas Dame 3 is uniformly praised for its Bounce cushioning and blade traction setup. The unique setup of the upper with many lacing holes to choose from allows you to customize the fit to your liking. Unfortunately, most critics had a hard time finding a comfortable fit. Complaints about heel slippage were common as well. Overall, this shoe is a great fit for players with a slightly wider foot (to prevent heel slippage) who look for a good overall performer at a fair price.
See all 9 Deals

7. Nike PG 2

Average Expert Rating: 8.6 (see all reviews)
The second signature sneaker of Paul George improves on all aspects compared to the PG1. The bigger Zoom air unit in the forefoot provides more cushioning and the traction works better on dusty courts. Lockdown and lateral containment have been improved by the use of sturdier materials and the introduction of forefoot wing-straps.
Overall, the Nike PG2 is a great allrounder without any weaknesses. At $110 retail it is one of the most affordable signature sneakers on the market but performs just as well as much more expensive models.
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8. Under Armour Curry 3

Average Expert Rating: 8.6 (see all reviews)
Under Armour is still relatively new to the basketball sneaker game but the Curry 3 is already seen as one of the most consistent and well-performing signature lines on the market. This shoe is optimized for Steph Curry's style of play and gives you amazing traction and court feel for quick crossovers and cuts to the hoop. As Steph is rather light and doesn't play above the rim, the cushioning is really firm and impact protection is minimal.
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9. Nike Kobe AD Mid

Average Expert Rating: 8.5 (see all reviews)
The narrow (and very squeaky) traction pattern of the Kobe AD Mid performs amazingly on clean courts but has slight issues on dust courts. Outdoor use is not recommended as the rubber is very soft and will wear off quickly. The full-length lunarlon cushioning setup with an Air Zoom unit in the heel is universally liked by reviewers. The colorways with synthetic suede upper have very poor ventilation and the material needs a little while to lose its initial stiffness. Overall, the Kobe AD Mid is a solid performer, but at $150, there are better performance options out there.
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10. Under Armour Curry 3Zero

Average Expert Rating: 8.4 (see all reviews)
The Curry 3Zero is part of a slightly downgraded and more affordable line of Steph Curry shoes. The traction has remained the same and performs very well on clean courts but many reviewers complained about inconsistency on (mildly) dusty courts. The reduced price shows in the materials which are less premium than in the original Curry 3 but still do a good job. Universally liked by shoe critics is the innovative adjustable heel which provides great lockdown and works especially great for ankle brace wearers. Overall, the Curry 3Zero is a solid performer at a fair price.
See all 7 Deals

What makes a great shoe for point guards and shooting guards?


As a quick guard, traction is by far the most important aspect of a shoe’s performance. Sticky traction will allow you to blow by your defender with an explosive first step, help you to stop on a dime when attacking the basket, and give you the necessary grip to pester your opponent on defense. Shoes with bad traction will rob you of all your quickness, negate all your strengths and might even make you slip on an opponent’s crossover – nobody wants that!

So, the most important thing as a guard is to get shoes with amazing traction.

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone pattern


Shoes with comfortable cushioning that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds are great for heavy big guys, but not for shifty guards. As a guard, you probably weigh a lot less than the Shaqs of this world, and therefore you need a lot less impact protection. In fact, mushy and soft cushioning often has a negative effect on your speed and quickness as it takes away from your court feel and makes cuts and first steps a split second slower.

As a guard, you want to have a responsive cushioning setup with excellent court feel that doesn’t take away from your quickness.

Style of Silhouette

In today’s game, most guards are playing in low or mid-top basketball shoes. These shoes are cut a lot lower around the ankles compared to traditional basketball “boots”. This style reduces the weight and allows a greater amount of flexibility and freedom of movement. The lost ankle support is made up for with other support features like extended outriggers and sturdy heel counters. If you still don’t feel comfortable playing in low-tops, or you are recovering from an ankle sprain take a look at ankle braces. Steph Curry is wearing an ankle brace every game, and he’s doing okay! Low or mid-tops are the way to go for guards.

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